Meet our team
Dragos Dragomir
Dragos loves to travel. Anywhere, antime. Usually, his friends are considering him a cabin crew because he has more flying hours than most of them. He loves to travel cheap. If there is any outrageously cheap flight, he buys that ticket before being sure he can travel on that particular day. We just think he`s addicted to smart travelling and we all benefit from that. (Because he tells us about it)

Gerry Jacobson
Gerry loves airplanes. Just put him in an aircraft and leave him there. He loves to discover the new features of every company and to share his research. He thinks the world will always be better, but have to know about it. He is assuring that.

Linda Munez
Linda knows everything about hotel deals. She loves to find the best offers for the luxurious hotels as much as she enjoys discovering the cool hostels and the most suitable hotels for family travelling. She is taking care of the accommodation part of every single offer posted on our website. And she does it so well!

Steven Gray
Steven believes in no borders. His daydream is to live in a world where anybody can travel everywhere without any visa or permit. He visited more than 40 countries and his 50 checkpoints is coming soon. He loves to find the best flight offers for every continent. He wants to help everyone to meet new cultures in order to increase tolerance and to break stereotypes. And he never stops.